10 ways to be the coolest bride ever – from your future bridesmaid

On June 23, 2015 by marrywear
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Dear Future Best Bride Friend,

I’m so excited that you’ve chosen me to be your bridesmaid! If I’m in your bridal party, I promise to always stand by you and support you as you plan your wedding day. As a good friend/sister/relative, I want to help make your wedding journey as enjoyable and un-stressful as it can be. But you have to try and do the same for me! As much as it’s your big day, I’ll be along with you for the ride, and we’ll both have a much better time if we’re both happy. With that in mind, I think you’ll be the coolest bride ever if you just follow these 10 simple rules…

10 ways to be the coolest bride ever - from your future bridesmaid

Eileen Liu Photography

1. Give us color swatches to choose from, and then let us choose our own bridesmaids dresses. That way we’ll have something we love and is flattering, and you’ll have us looking just the way you pictured!

Shades of mint

The Decorista

And if you don’t like our choices? Chances are we kept the receipt, just in case. But seriously, how cute are these mismatched bridesmaids? You know you’re into it.

pink mismatched bridesmaids dresses

Studio Castillero via Ruffled

2. If you want us to wear heels, take care of our feet. We’ll put up with it for you, but we’ll be a little sad if we end the night with blisters or twisted ankles! Please don’t make us wobble-walk on grass – think about investing in heel-stoppers!

bridesmaids heel stoppers. genius idea!

D’s Jewelry World

And we’re definitely going to want to dance the night away. More comfy shoes are preferred, so we’re not trying to brave the dance floor in bare feet!

dancing shoes for wedding guests. cool idea!

Rachel Kate Photography

3.  Loosen us up the morning of the big day. We want to celebrate with you, and be nice and relaxed for the ceremony! We won’t say no to some drinks, snacks, and extra pampering.

bridesmaids brunch mimosa bar. Love this idea!

Natalie Moser Photography via On To Baby

4. Shower us with presents! While we love doing this for you, it’s nice to get some gifts for helping you out. We’ll want to party and celebrate, so it’d be nice to have kits for hangovers after the bachelorette and wedding day.

bachelorette party welcome boxes from Etsy. so adorable!

Harmony Creative

Oh, and personal thank you gifts are always appreciated – it’ll give us a special way to remember being a part of your wedding!

personalized necklace for your bridesmaids

5. If you want us to rock crazy or complicated hairstyles for the wedding, offer to pay for it. Trust us – there’s no way that we’ll figure out these ‘dos by ourselves, and you’ll be happier if we look just the way you want.

bridesmaids hair braid

Marianne Taylor Photography

bridesmaids high bun updo

Wear Mint

bridesmaids braided bun

Daily Shennanigans

6. If I don’t know anyone, introduce me to all the bridesmaids beforehand so we have time to be friends. Fun outings, lunch, or nights out are a great way to get us together before the big day.

bridesmaids brunch

Milou and Olin Photography via Engaged and Inspired

7. Warn me of creepy groomsmen, or set me up with the hottie if I’m single! I’d love to have the best time possible at your big day.

why hello, hot groomsmen

Skyla Walton via Green Wedding Shoes

8. Don’t make me compete for your attention. I know you love your other bridesmaids, but things can get awkward fast if two best friends or sisters are vying for your time.

Gorgeous mismatched bridesmaids dresses in pastels

Rachel Thurston

9. I’m happy to help you out with most things – DIY projects, picking up dresses, or mailing invites are all expected. But don’t ask me last minute for my help, or resent me if I can’t make it. I have other things to do too!

DIY projects and bridesmaids

Hindsight Bride

10. If you’re not stoked about the bachelorette party we’re planning, then please don’t throw a fit – this is our event to plan for you! Instead, hint nicely about one or two things you’d be excited to do. And if it’s a trip to Vegas that we can’t afford, offer to pitch in.

bachelorette party inspiration

Undeclared Panache

I can’t wait to celebrate with you, and be a part of your bridal party! I promise I’ll be a cool bride to you too. Congrats, girl!


Your Future Bridesmaid

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