15 Must-Have Wedding Photos

On October 21, 2015 by marrywear
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Weddings are a time of love and celebration. It’s about the moments you share with your loved ones and capturing all of those special moments on your big day! There’s something about having so many wonderful photos to look back on and share with the people you are very close with. Trust me, these are the photos you’ll regret not taking! So, here are some wedding picture ideas for you to take on your wedding day!

Traditional Wedding Picture Ideas

Traditional wedding photos are simply timeless. They capture the essence of happiness, love, and commitment…not to mention, they are completely stunning!

The First Dance

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the First Dance

The first dance is one of the most meaningful parts of your wedding day and getting a snapshot of it will leave your heart smiling.

The Wedding Rings

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Wedding Rings

A classic photo is of your wedding rings is a simple and modern picture you’re sure to love!

The First Look

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the First Look

This is an adorable series of photos to make a collage out of. These photos can also be done the same way if you’re waiting to do the first look while walking down the aisle. Either way, they are one-of-a kind!

Getting Ready

15 Must-Have Wedding Photos

Having your mom or loved one help with the final touches of getting ready is a definite must-have photo from your wedding day. It’s something you both can look back on and cherish.

The Groom

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Groom Getting Ready

A classic photo of the groom getting ready is very special. It’s also nice to share these photos with your wife after the big day so she can see your process of getting ready and vice versa!

The Bride

Must-Have Wedding Picture of the Final Look of the Bride

The brides first look is one you’ll never forget! Also, the first look of seeing your ‘maids in theirchiffon bridesmaid dresses is extremely exciting. It’s a very special moment shared with your closest family members and friends.

The Moments Before The Ceremony 

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of Reading the Letters

This is one of the most intimate moments of the day. The emotions and love that are captured in these pictures are priceless.

A Group Shot

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Bride and Bridesmaids

The bride and her beautiful loved ones in their chiffon bridesmaid dresses is bound to be absolutely stunning.

Thank You 

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of a Thank You Photo

This is a nice moment to capture and thank all of your guests for coming to your wedding! It’s a great way to make your thank you cards more personal.

Creative Wedding Picture Ideas

Modern wedding photos add a little more fun and creativity into your big day! Here are some of our favorites.

The Bridesmaids

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of Bridesmaids Writing Love with Sparklers

This is a super fun take on just a traditional picture of your ‘maids. Whether they’re in short satin gowns or long chiffon bridesmaid dresses, this is a photo your ‘maids are sure to LOVE. 


Must-Have Wedding Pictures of a Season Themed Photo

Incorporating the season into your wedding will make for fun and festive photos you’re bound to love!

The Groomsmen

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Groomsmen Showing Off Their Socks

If you’re getting your guys a fun wedding gift like funky socks, have them show them off in a funny picture that will have everyone laughing. 

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Groom and Groomsmen

Make the groom feel like the coolest guy in the world with this fun picture.

Kisses to the Groom

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Bridesmaids Blowing Kisses to the Groom

The groom is definitely going to feel the love from your ‘maids! You can do the same with the bride and groomsmen. They’ll make for great side-by-side framed pictures.

The Wedding Party

Must-Have Wedding Pictures of the Bridal Party

Now that the ceremony is over, It’s time to celebrate! If you have a fun party favor to add to some of your pictures, it’ll be a great group shot that’s really fun!

The Best Wedding Images

Weddings are a once in-a-lifetime event! It’s important to capture the big day so you can reminisce with your hubby and loved ones down the road. Whether you like more of the traditional look, modern feel, or a mix of both, your wedding photos will definitely be charming and fun.

Now that you have some more options to potentially add to your wedding album, we’d love to hear what your favorite pictures are? Tell us in the comments below!

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