9 Unbelievably Simple Steps to Perfect Makeup

On May 13, 2014 by marrywear
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9 Unbelievably Simple Steps to Perfect Makeup
9 Unbelievably Simple Steps to Perfect Makeup

Perfect Eyebrows

You should always consider your face shape when plucking and shaping your eyebrows. Your eyebrow shape should compliment your overall face shape and features. Choose your face shape bellow and recreate your ideal eyebrows.

  • OvalAn oval face is often considered the ideal face shape. Generally a soft angled eyebrow shape will enhance your look.
  • LongAim for a fat eyebrow shape. The horizontal line wil break up a longer face, make it appear shorter.
  • RoundCreate an eyebrow shape with a high arch. avoid gently curving brows as this will cause the face to look rounder.
  • SquareStart with a curved eyebrow shape then add more angle to create balance. The stronger the jawline, the more defined the peak.
  • HeartStart with a low arch and curved brow then add more volumn to add more length to the forehead and balance a pointy chin.
  • DiamondA curved eyebrow shape will soften the angled face and reduce the widest part of the face, most commonly the temples.

Highlighting & Contouring

  • Contour around the hairline to warm the face and shorten the forehead
  • Use a foundation 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight. For Contouring use a low or non-shimmer bronzer
  • Contour one inch above the temple to add depth to the face
  • Highlight between the brows where a furrow may appear
  • Highlight the bridge of your nose to lighten the face, avoid the tip
  • Highlight under the eyebrow arch to lift the brow and brighten the eyes
  • Contour on each side of the nose to make it look more slim and defined
  • Highlight the high point of the cheekbone to define the cheek
  • Contour the tip of the nose in a V shape to shorten the length
  • Contour the underside of the cheekbone to strengthen your bone structure
  • Contour under the jaw line to add definition and slim the face
  • Hightlight creases that create shadows such as in nasal fold area


  • Pick the right typeIf you have oil skin use powder blush. Cream or liquid blush works best for dry or older skin. Choose either for normal skin.
  • Choose a colorChoose the right blush color for your skin tone.
    1. Pale skin – pink/coral
    2. Medium skin – rose/apricot
    3. 3.Dark skin – red/plum
  • Choose your toolUse a large soft brush for powder blush. For cream or liquid blush use your fingers or a wedge sponge to apply evenly.
  • Choosing a colorApply blush to the apples of your cheeks on the area that is most full when you Smile. Blend up and back towards the hairline.

Eye Shape
You should always consider your eye shape when applying eye shadow and liner. Using the correct technique can significantly improve your make-up look. Find your eye shape bellow and disover the best technique for you.

  • Close set eyesThese are eyes that are closer than one eye’s width. Your eye make-up should focus on width. Lighter colors on the inner corners, with darker colors as you move out. Liner and mascara goes towards the outside.
  • Down turned eyesThis is about lifting the eyes up with strategic shadowing. Light on the inside, darker on the outside. Line the outer part of the upper lids and add mascara to curled lashes.
  • Deep set eyesThe eyes sit a little deeper in the socket. Blend the colors from light on the inside to dark on the outside. Use light colors on the lids.
  • Almond eyesIt’s hard to get it wrong with this shape eye, experiment with whatever looks great.
  • Hooded eyesIf lids are drooping with age, matte colors will be the most helpful. Don’t overdo it with this shape eye – simplicity can be a beautifl thing.
  • Protruding eyesThe opposite of deep-set eyes, these eyes sit a little further outside of the socket. Your best bet is to give the eye a medium shadow on upper and lower lids.

Eyeliner Techniques
There are a number of different ways you can apply your liner, from none at all to the panda smudge look. Discover some popular liner styles bellow:
Double flick, winehouse, soft smoke, panda smudge, classic bar, arabic, slep-in smudge, double mod, thin flick.

Smokey Eye Look
Step 1: With a brush or sponge applicator apply your base eye shadow color on the lid and above the socket crease. Blend out slightly towards the eyebrow.
Step 2: Using your mid color eye shadow apply along the base of the lid above the lash and into the eye socket crease looping around at the outer corner.
Step 3: Now take your darkest shadow color and apply with an angled brush along the very edge of the lash and across the outer corner of the eye.
Step 4: Using a soft brush blend out the three eye shadow colors until the edges of each application are no longer defined.
Step 5: Now apply eyeliner to your bottom and top lash line. Finish of with a few coats of mascara for a perfect smokey eye look.

Mascara Application
Step 1: Curly your eyelashes. Heated eyelash curlers work well.
Step 2: Pull the lashes inwards at least three times.
Step 3: Next fan the lashes back out at least three times.
Step 4: Paint each lash by pushing the end of the mascara wand up.
Step 5: Wiggle the mascara wand across the bottom lashes.
And you’re done.
For best results when applying lipstick following the steps below. If you have a problem with your lipstick bleeding you may want to first outline your lips with a lip liner slightly darker than your lipstick.
Nail Varnish
To start make sure your nails are clean & oil free.
Apply a base coat to prepare the nail.
Apply a drop of polish to the center of the nail.
Push the polish toward the cuticle.
Brush upwards to the top of the nail.
Swipe from the base along the nail curve.
Brush up until the side of the nail is covered.
Repeat on the other side of the nail.
Brush up until this side of the nail is covered.
Add a top coat to prevent chipping.
Try Something Different
Apply a base coat to prepare the nail.
Paint the bottom half of the nail in a light color.
Paint a cross on the nail with a darker color.
Fill top three sections with the same color.
Add a top coat to prevent chipping

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