Tutorial on Jessica Biel’s Look by Lisa Eldridge

On September 25, 2013 by marrywear
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Hi, today I’m going to do one of the looks I did on Jessica Biel for the Cannes Film Festival. Because I put some of the looks on my blog about a month ago with a list of products I use and so many of you requested this particular look and you guys said that some of you are going to be brides and really want to know how to do the look for the wedding or bridesmaids or prom or other special occasions and I think whichever one of these is just perfect for that type of things it works on so many different skin tones and so many different ages.
So just sorry it’s taken so long, it has been over a month since my last video because I’ve been completely chock-a-block with work and had loads and loads of shoots and then I got quite sick, so with one thing and another it’s taking a while but hopefully it was worth the wait and this is just a classically fresh beautiful pretty look that is perfect for any special occasion so I hope you like it.
So for basin I’m goint to start with Make Up For Ever HD and this is 115. This is really nice foundation for any kind of special occasion we’re gonna be photographed a lot, so it looks really good on the camera, doesn’t have any spf, so it’s a nice fine foundation. And this is special occassion makeup and take a little bit down onto the neck and also the chest if you’re wearing a particular dress that’s maybe low at the front, and just to make sure all the skin is even and using this clean Kabuki brush just smooth everything. So next I’m gonna use some Becca Shimmering Skin Pefector, this is been decanted into a small in my kit and I’ve already applied one thin layer as you can see. Just gonna add another layer over the top very very thin layers. I’m just pat all those edges. I’m using the foundation brush that I used so this tiny bit foundation left on it but not much.

Jessica Biel Makeup by Lisa Eldridge

So next I’m gonna use blush, I’m going to use cream blush this time which is one of the new Chanel ones, which I’ve been using in my kit for the last couple of months and they’re really lovely. This would be like a cross between a traditional cream blush and the premium Bobbi Brown ones, and more of moisture so just got it very light, most fluffy fell to it and they have quite a velvety finish so they are not too shiny, good for different skin types as well and work perfectly well with fingers. You can just keeep adding more of them, very easy to blend. Or if you want to you can use a brush and just use ut it to smooth those edges, such gives a really beautiful rosy glow which this look definitely had.
So to eyes I’m goint to start by using the Nars Pro Prime. I’m goin to use that all over the eyelids before we put eye shadow.
So I’m to use the rosy nude palette by Dior, this is what I used on Jessica and I love this palette for brides, for red carpet because it’s got a relly nice mix of plummy pink tones and sort of brownie tones and warm tones, I just think it suits so many different skin tones and it’s really a versatile palette. So I’m going to start by using this shade here which is a kind of shimmery minky color, it’s very very pretty. I’m going to use that all over Myer’s lids. Very very light, you don’t need to use much of it, actually a pretty pigment, then using the darder shad from the palette, which is almost sort of plummy shade really, going to start to use that at the outer corner. I have still got to do Myer’s eyeline.
I’m gonna to do it after the eyes in case antyhing drops down, though they’re not too dark so shouldn’t. Just really really soft, defining and shading and very now and again open your eyes and look straight ahead, and then you can sort of see wher you need to bring it up to you, just want it give a shade to the eyes. So just a little bit above the soft line there, but really pretty really soft.
So next using a mixture of those two shades that used on Myer. I’m going to wash underneath so got a real mixture of those two shades going on and then at the outer corner I’m gonna add a touch of the more of the darkest shade. Just bringing that extra there at the outer corner just to define.
So next using rose pink shade in the palette, just going to pat that in just the rosy little corner, so you get a hint of rose coming through there, and then the lightest color which is the highlighter, very light I don’t want any thing too shiny. So just a wash really, very very palish shade. Up on the high point and you’d also use your small brush, a little bit of the rose pink, in the corner right there. So you can see this is really really subtle and that’s the look we’re going for. When it gets really bright here, it starts to look really old-fashioned I think. Just keep it really really soft.

Okay, so before we do anything else we can now do concealer. And I’m going to start by doing under eyes and using the Clinique Airbrush Concealer, I’m going to use that brush. Just passing that on, if any of the brown have dropped down you could use a Q-tip, just to clean all the little drops away, in this case we work just fine. So onto main concealing I’m going to use Secret Camouflage, and you may think this is a strange time to be concealing, but this is actually a really good time because the foundation is sunk in, everything starting to settle down and you can really see where you need to conceal, you can use a pinpoint brush if it’s just little, tiny little spot of the skin. Myer’s got really good skin. If you have areas that are bigger, then you need to conceal, you can use a much fluffy a bigger brush. Something like 217, maybe around the chin for concealing or if there’s anything on the neck, a little spot or any marks, and if you have anything that’s quite strong that needs concealing, maybe like some pigmentation or something, you could something like a Vichy or other concealer.
So onto powder and Myer has a oily skin. So I’m actually going to use powder all over, just a really light layer. If your skin is dry then you won’t need it all over probably. Most people I think benefit from powder on the T-zone, whatever your skin tone is, just gives it a nice velvety look, and just really good in photos.
That’s a nice velvety look and if you have got very oily skin, then you’ll likely to have to redo that every couple of hours, just to keep your makeup looking great .
So next I’m going to use waterproof gel liner, and this is Mauve ink which is a black mauve sorry, it’s associate plummy dark color. So it’s really working onto the routes to the lashes, I’m gonna do lot thinner ring in the corner and then slightly thinner of the outer corner. It’s not very winged eye look, but it’s always nice just to lift the eyes slightly. So onto lashes let’s give them a really good cal, for lashes I’m going to use Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill waterproof. This is a great mascara for wedding I think, long-lasting and I fount it to be one of the best waterproof ones.

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