How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams for $1,500 or Less!

On September 25, 2014 by marrywear
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How to Save Money on the Ceremony and Decor

How to Save Money on the Your Ceremony and Decor


The best way to get the ceremony of your dreams on a dime is to plan early and often. Clearly define your expectations and list every little thing you will need for the decorations. Are you having any special decorations? Anything you know you don’t want, like a traditional aisle runner? Look at your wedding space and determine how you want to make it look like the wedding of your dreams, even if you don’t have thousands to blow. Here are a few things you can use to make your space look great.
Natural Elements

If your space is outside you can use the natural elements to make it look great, but you don’t have to rely on the space alone to set your scene. You can gather natural decorations throughout the months of your planning and store them for your big day. Pine cones can make excellent wreaths and if you know where to gather them in the park or a neighbor’s yard, you can get enough to make wreaths for your ceremony decorations with glue and ribbon. Pine bows also make great filling behind sparse flowers to make it look like you purchased more than you actually did. Seashells can be gathered every weekend and used along your aisle to set the space.


Save “Junk”

Old road signs can be a cute way to direct guests to the ceremony. Large picture frames and mirrors can be placed strategically around the ceremony space to make it feel cozy and welcoming. Old wagon wheels you find at garage sales, old horseshoes, anything that matches the theme of your wedding can be saved and used as eclectic decorations.


Save Decorations

Halloween, Christmas, and any other holiday that you decorate for can lend their decorations to sprucing up your wedding space. Valentine’s Day decorations are generally inexpensive and they can make a ceremony filled with love look extremely adorable. If you find the cheap, plastic neon-colored Christmas ornaments you can string them together to make an eye-catching chandelier for a summer wedding and use that instead of a basic archway. Pumpkins left over from Halloween can be spray painted white and one letter of the word LOVE can be written on them. Then place them along the aisle with flowers placed along the base.

Thrift Shop 

Got to a thrift store and find plain shirts in your wedding colors. Cut them into pieces, sew them together in any arrangement you want and us this as your aisle runner. You can also find larger, eclectic pieces here and place them in various spots along the aisle. This combined with the t-shirt aisle runner can make one seriously cool hipster style wedding. Some cheaper retail stores have aisle runners for $20 or less that you can paint with fabric paint to make them your own.


Raid Grandma’s Attic

Old chairs, ceramic pieces, maybe even a wedding dress could all be waiting for you in grandma’s attic or mom’s storage shed. Find tables, lamps, and other pieces you need to make a vintage ceremony or a country-chic event that will make your guests pine for their own childhoods and a time when love endured.


Borrow and Barter

Your friend has that fantastic piece of art that always makes you turn your head and would look great on the wall behind you as you say your vows. Your mom has two large planters with greenery in them that would look nice at the end of your aisle. Your cousin has lots of sheers she has saved over the years. You can borrow or trade for these things and make your ceremony something that everyone had a hand in, which adds to the sentiment.


JoP- $50

Photographer- $300

Save-The-Dates- $15

Invites- $40 or less

Programs- $15

Venue- $400 or less

Ceremony Decorations- $150 or less


Total- $970

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